Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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propositioning confess that I like when they are unexpected. No, I do not mean that kind of proposition (wink!), I mean one that gets you out of the routine to spend a cool time in a pleasant and good company.

That was what happened to me several weeks ago when Frank McCourt invited me, along with a group of bloggers in the courtyard, a brunch at the Cafe Pierre in Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton in San Juan so that we knew the place. At that time he wore a well loaded agenda work and activities and was really tired. But the sun convinced me. The day was spectacular for Sunday. I went with Mom to the hotel to meet Rick , my buddy's blog Books, Essays and Articles , and other bloggers.

I have to say Cafe Pierre is very friendly and the buffet has everything to trembling. I like breakfast, so a brunch for me is a ticket to heaven. Mom and I were joking because she stood to me more than I repeat. She denies it. Chef Alonso has a good variety of food that ranges from fresh and healthy even the most sinful. Did I mention I had shakes? I saw that next to the Cafe Pierre is a small strawberries and chocolate confectionery, biscuits, pastries, just to name a few peccadilloes.

See Mommy is happy and satisfied and sufficient reward, to treat me as a preferred customer, not really so, is cinnamon in my cappuccino. I had the opportunity to meet several fellow bloggers, greet Nelson Bermejo also walked, seeing the kids Rick and have the sun on my part. My Sunday was the best and I'm glad to have gone to recharge physical and mental.
Without wishing to repeat a bad habit that here there is nothing to do. You know what? There is much to do and enjoy an affordable brunch in a nice hotel and the person you meet as important to you, is priceless. If not, ask Rick his experience was worth Food of the Gods.

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